This integration is only available with a Scale plan subscription in selected countries

The SMS integration allows you to send alert on any of your team members’ phone numbers. You can find and configure it in the integration section of your dashboard.

Phone number validation

To avoid spam and abuse, we require every one of your team members to verify their phone number before they can receive an alert. To do so, they need to go to the user settings page and follow the process to add their phone number.

Add phone number


Up to 25 team members can be configured to receive alerts for each SMS integration. When using the team members’ search, you will see for each one if they have a verified phone number or not. You can add a team member without a verified phone number, but they will only receive alerts after they have verified their phone number.

SMS configuration

Receiving SMS

Phone numbers registered in the United States will receive SMS alerts from the following number:

  • (206) 647-7227

Phone numbers outside the United States will receive SMS alerts with a fixed originator:

  • Phare

Supported countries

At the moment, the SMS integration is available in the following countries:

If your team would like to use a phone number in an unsupported country, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to prioritize it on our roadmap.