Alerting is the process of notifying your team members when an event happens. Phare Uptime provides a powerful alerting system based on alert policies and alert rules.

Alert policies

An alert policy is a set of rules that can be applied to one or more monitors. Alert policies are meant to be reused across multiple monitors. For example, you can create a specific alert policy for your production servers, and apply it to all your production servers.

Alert rules

An alert rule is a set of conditions that define how a specific event should be handled.

Rate limiting

Alert rules can be rate limited to avoid spamming your team members. For example, you can create an alert rule that sends an email notification to your team members when an incident is created, and rates limit it to one email every 5 minutes.

Notification channels

Each alert rule can be configured to send notifications to different channels, for example, you can send incident notification by email to your team members, and a Slack notification when a monitor is created in your organization.